Indiana must invest more in preschool

Indiana must invest more in preschool

Today in the Indianapolis Star, Matt Tully made the case for greater investment in pre-k in Indiana. He also shared information about All IN 4 Pre-K and the work that people like you are doing to ensure that Hoosier children start kindergarten ready to succeed. 

He also previewed our brand new report, Success Starts Early: Indiana's Roadmap for Pre-K Expansion. This roadmap represents the voices of practitioners, experts and families and details what is needed to increase opportunities for more children. 


"The campaign’s message is that the legislature must look more seriously at the long-term consequences and costs of inaction as well as the return on taxpayer investments that study after study has tied to preschool funding. It should ensure than many more families on the low end of the income scale have access to the type of early learning programs that give children a better chance at success. It must rethink what an education looks like in the 21st Century, and realize that the earliest experiences in a child’s life often have the most profound and lasting consequences."

Tully later quotes Ted Maple, President and CEO of Early Learning Indiana, making the case for pre-k expansion: "The research is clear, this is something that should be available to all children.”

Read the full piece and check out Success Starts Early for more information on expanding Indiana's pre-k. 

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