Thank you for considering joining Early Learning Indiana, the Indiana Association of United Ways, the Indiana Chamber, United Way of Central Indiana and many others in the All IN 4 Pre-K coalition. We hope you will officially join the coalition by signing the statement below.

Your support is critical to showcase deep and broad support for pre-k expansion. We look forward to highlighting your support to lawmakers. Please write Kent Mitchell with any questions.

Indiana Statehouse Lawmakers –

We are diverse organizations with a presence in Senate and House districts across the state of Indiana, united by a simple belief—success starts early. We believe that expanding access to high-quality pre-k for low-income families should be a top priority in the upcoming 2017 session.

Indiana is at a historic turning point for our youngest children. Thanks to your support, state-funded pre-k pilot programs have succeeded in serving more Hoosier children. We know from independent evaluations by Indiana and Purdue University researchers that these pilot programs are getting positive results. United Ways, private sector businesses, philanthropic organizations, local coalitions and city governments, like the City of Indianapolis, have stepped up to invest in and build a high-quality pre-k system in Indiana.

Yet, pre-k remains out of reach for thousands of young children. Only an estimated 2,800 children were served in state or city pre-k pilots in the last school year. The Governor’s Early Learning Advisory Committee (ELAC) estimates there are nearly 30,000 “unserved” four-year olds in our state. Similarly, many counties in our state have few or no high-quality pre-k options, meaning thousands of families that want pre-k for their child have no access at all. 

This gap in pre-k access is unacceptable and Hoosier voters want to see this change. We know from a scientific, independent statewide poll from April 2016 that 71% of registered voters support a significant expansion of high-quality, voluntary pre-k. That support cuts across urban and rural communities, parents and non-parents, Republicans and Democrats. 

As you consider expanding pre-k in Indiana, we support other key principles in All IN 4 Pre-K’s Roadmap for pre-k expansion, Success Starts Early:

  • Build up all types of high-quality pre-k programs including schools, centers, Head Starts, ministries and family homes.
  • Allow parents to use scholarships among pre-k programs of their choice, empowering families in the pre-k decision-making process.
  • Invest in pre-k programs that support a wide range of outcomes that lead to school success, not just the academic, but also the social-emotional and interpersonal outcomes—curiosity and love of learning, among others.

We know you face many competing priorities, but consider the impact pre-k expansion can have on our state. 

An independent economic study of Hoosier pre-k estimates that for every $1 spent on Indiana pre-k, $4 are returned in the form of lower spending on special education, Kindergarten retention and other areas. 

Imagine for a moment that we expand access to just 10,000 pre-k students a year. That would be 10,000 better prepared Kindergarten students and future leaders of our state. 

It is time to make a long-term commitment to high-quality pre-k in Indiana and we encourage you to act in the 2017 session.

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  • signed 2017-02-27 18:33:03 -0500
    Education is the backbone of our society, our community and our business.
  • signed 2017-02-24 12:44:55 -0500
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  • signed 2017-02-23 14:52:01 -0500
  • signed 2017-02-22 17:20:24 -0500
    We are a firm believer in the fact that early childhood education is critical to the future success of all people and it should be supported by our legislative representation!
  • signed 2017-02-21 16:30:42 -0500
    The CCCSC is a group of organizations that work collectively and individually to increase the percentage of students in our county who go to college (four-year college, two-year college, career college or apprenticeship program). We understand that all of the above is enhanced by a strong Pre-K program.
  • signed 2017-02-21 13:58:12 -0500
    We have a six week program called Begindergarten, which focuses on Kindergarten readiness. This program sets students up for success from day 1. Pre-K funding is crucial for children to have the tools they need to succeed.
  • signed 2017-02-21 08:54:25 -0500
    We currently do a small kindergarten readiness program for 6 weeks each summer. Pre-K funding is greatly needed to get children off on the right track initially with their education so that they are not behind from the start. It’s easier to start a child in the right direction rather than try to help get them on track later when they are already behind.
  • signed 2017-02-21 07:20:07 -0500
  • signed 2017-02-20 09:54:39 -0500
    We know that preschool is a huge indicator of success in school and this will help children be better prepared to enter kindergarten
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  • signed 2017-02-17 12:35:05 -0500
    My daughters have benefited greatly from Pre-K (through our church). With the demands on Kindergarten kids knowing more and more before they start, Pre-K gets them ready.
  • signed 2017-02-16 12:33:46 -0500
    The evidence is clear this is the best long-term investment we can make into the future of our youth and our state. Let’s be opportunistic during a period of strength in our state to invest now and move to the front of the pack on this critical issue.
  • signed 2017-02-16 08:46:25 -0500
    We’ve had a four year preschool classroom for six years now in our public elementary school and my teachers and I are amazed at how much more our preschoolers are ready for kindergarten academic rigor.
  • signed 2017-02-11 09:49:39 -0500
    We are public school teachers who advocate for our students. For some children pre-K is their key to success in K-12 and life! Let’s give kids the best start they can get.
  • signed 2017-02-10 09:03:27 -0500
    I support Pre-K education funding for Indiana. Henry County is hurting. The state spent $31M in kindergarten remediation for 3,600 kindergarten students to be retrained and ready. Indiana will not have a “Ready” workforce to meet the needs of our state and Hoosiers will suffer in our society. It cost $35,000 per year to house a prisoner, it will be more cost effective to put this money in Pre-K and avoid prison costs of the future. In addition, these precious people will have an opportunity to be contributing members to society and be able to care for themselves. Success starts early!
  • signed 2017-02-07 15:25:36 -0500
    A critical step to insuring all citizens in Indiana have the opportunity to reach their potential. If we are going to achieve the big goal of 60% of adult Indiana residents having post secondary certificates or higher, we have to start at the earliest age possible to build that foundation of learning.
  • signed 2017-02-06 16:06:55 -0500
    Hawthorne is a stronger advocate for the benefits of early childhood education. We serve 40 children from working poor families who become prepared for successful matriculation to kindergarten. We support the availability of affordable, high quality early childhood education for all children.
  • signed via 2017-01-26 14:04:46 -0500
    As a former member of Richmond Community Schools Board of School Trustees, I recognize the challenge of trying to help young children who come to school unprepared. They are at a disadvantage and remain so throughout the school career.
  • signed via 2017-01-24 20:34:19 -0500
  • signed 2017-01-24 18:30:35 -0500
    Giving our littlest neighbors their best start in life is one of the best investments we can make in our communites. We work everyday to ensure we are doing our part locally to build a community that supports our kids. The state has an opportunity to make a huge difference in our collective future all over Indiana by expanding pre-k.
  • signed 2017-01-23 18:26:09 -0500
    Our organization is a partnership of business, community and education working to align our region’s education system with the needs of the workforce. Our community has invested in Pre-K since 2010 through funding for low income students to attend the Busy Bees program within Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation, and in scholarships for children to attend private and faith based pre-K programs. We believe that attending Pre-K helps to increase our children’s kindergarten readiness, increase high school graduation rates, and increase overall likelihood that they will grow to be work ready citizens. Our employers support pre-k, our community supports pre-k and our schools, both public and private, are working to find ways to increase access and affordability for all children.
  • signed via 2017-01-23 16:52:43 -0500
    The research is overwhelming about the importance of quality Pre-Kindergarten program and services to eliminate gaps in acheivement for especially children from families with low-wealth. This information has been available for over 40 years. It’s time to assist our youngest citizens with quality prekindergarten experiences.
  • signed 2017-01-23 16:04:03 -0500
    evidence is very strong as to the long term benefits of Pre-K. Ready to learn is essential for student success.
  • signed 2017-01-23 15:24:58 -0500
    We believe making quality, affordable care and education readily available for all preschoolers is an essential foundation for building strong, thriving adult citizens.
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