The Pre-K Need Is Great

The Pre-K Need Is Great

The Indy's Star's recent piece, "Indy pre-K shatters goals, setting up funding fight in 2017," Brian Eason shared some critical facts about how Indianapolis parents are ready for more Pre-K programs for their children. 

A pilot program offering prekindergarten scholarships to low-income families in Indianapolis is shattering expectations, but not entirely in a good way.

The good news, relayed last week at a City-County Council committee hearing, is that just one year into the five-year program, the public-private partnership already has secured $33.2 million of its $50 million goal.

The bad? That initial goal will only pay for less than a third of the demand...

"It was heartbreaking when we had to say no to nearly 3,500 low-income Indianapolis residents," said Andrew Cullen, vice president of public policy for the United Way of Central Indiana, which administers the program. "I worry about where those kids are right now."

Read more on the topic -- as well as the hard facts backing up what many parents already know: Hoosier children need more and better options for early education -- at the Indy Star




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