Your voice matters to legislators! Schedule your meeting today.

Your voice matters to legislators! Schedule your meeting today.

Now is the time to schedule meetings with your legislators for the 2017 Pre-K Advocacy Statehouse Day on January 25th. While attending the Statehouse rally will have a great impact, nothing is more important than actually meeting face to face with your elected officials. Your most impactful moment of the entire day will be when you meet briefly with your legislator to tell them why pre-K expansion is so important to you. The first step in that process is contacting your legislator to set up a time to meet on the afternoon of January 25th

Four Easy Steps to Schedule a Meeting with Your Legislator:


  1. Go to, type in your address and zip code, and click on your Senator and Representative websites.

  2. Click on your Senator and Representative’s caucus page to find direct contact information, listing the Legislative Assistant name, lawmaker’s email and contact number.

  3. Call and email the Legislative Assistant to schedule a meeting. Not sure about what to say? Here's a simple script to follow:
    “My name is ****** I reside at ***** and I will be in Indianapolis on Wednesday, January 25th for the All IN 4 Pre-K Advocacy Day at the Indiana Statehouse. I would like to schedule a meeting with Senator ****/Representative ***** between 2-5pm that day.”

  4. Once you have called/emailed and scheduled a meeting with your legislator, fill out this quick survey so we can make sure you receive a packet for the legislator. 


What comes next? Read below to learn about our plans for preparing everyone for a great legislator meeting!

We know that the idea of meeting with legislators can be scary or intimidating to some, but we are here to help every step of the way and will provide all the material and training support you need to be confident going into this process. Even though you’re meeting with a legislator directly, these visits are considered “advocacy meetings” – not lobbying. It’s our job as constituents to inform elected officials about the issues that we care about so they can reflect the voices in their district when voting on important matters.  

Representing your views is the primary job of your legislator. We are encouraging you to take advantage of the opportunity to share your perspective with them and ask for their leadership as your elected official. You’ll have the chance to prepare in the morning session on January 25th from 10 am-noon.  Plus, we’ll share print materials with your on how to share your perspective in those meetings, but now is the time when we encourage you to start reaching out to get time on their calendars during the afternoon of the 25th from 2-5pm. Read more about the morning session and what to bring with you for your meeting.

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